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Toeele view from Canyon Road Summer 2014

Things To Do Around Tooele


Touring the museums in Tooele is a fun way to learn about the area’s exciting history. There are three options nearby that you should put on your must-see list when you visit Tooele County. Each location provides a unique and interesting glimpse into the days of old.

Tooele Valley Railroad Museum

Whether or not you’re a railroad enthusiast, this museum will surely hold your interest. Railroading and mining once thrived in Tooele Valley, and the railroad museum is essentially a shrine to that segment of history. On the property, you’ll see various artifacts from the Utah railway industry, an authentic 1910 steam engine and railway cars you can actually step inside of. There is even a running miniature train for children to climb aboard. Volunteer tour guides are always ready to answer questions and share stories about the railroad world.
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Utah Museum of Fire Service History and Firefighter Memorial

This tribute to the firefighters of Utah is truly special. At the heart of the museum is a beautiful open-air memorial garden honoring all the men and women who died in the line of duty. There is also a remarkable display of old-time fire trucks and equipment. Most of these vehicles have been refurbished and are still operational. Not only is the exhibit fascinating to look at, it’s educational as well. There are so many discoveries to be made, and each sight is a captivating peek into this dangerous yet rewarding profession. Read more

Benson Grist Mill

Walking around the Benson Grist Mill is like stepping into the pages of a history book. You’ll immediately be immersed in the excitement of the Old West. Every element weaves a fascinating tale of pioneer living, from the charming covered bridge to the rustic wood-and-stone structures. Even the 150-year-old mill itself seems to echo with the sounds of a lost age. You’ll find plenty of ways to satisfy your nostalgic side while touring the property, whether you want to explore the blacksmith shop, go on an old-fashioned hayride or visit the old miller’s home.
Things to Do at Benson Grist Mill

Tooele Pioneer Museum Things to Do

Celebrate the early settlers of Tooele, Utah at the Tooele Pioneer Museum, and experience history one artifact at a time. Whether you’re fascinated by the journey of the pioneers or you want to know more about their lives after they settled, this is the place to get answers.

The museum is loaded with impressive displays featuring the life of the 19th century pioneer. You’ll see historic relics, portraits, photographs and journals depicting the diverse living conditions and daily habits of these trailblazers. From the tools they used to the homes they lived in, the image of pioneer life is palpable.

Every piece on display tells a captivating tale of Tooele’s history, including a section dedicated to the Native Americans who lived there prior to the pioneer settlements. If you come across a piece of memorabilia you don’t recognize, friendly and knowledgeable tour guides are available to answer any questions.

The Tooele Pioneer Museum is a great place to take your entire family. Spend an afternoon reading detailed written histories, or just browse through a few photos. No matter how you spend your time at the galleries, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how much the early settlers sacrificed simply by moving forward.
Things to Do at Tooele Pioneer Museum

Miller Motorsports Park Museum Things to Do

As a tribute to the classic race car and a shrine to the Shelby Cobra in particular, the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum offers car aficionados something different. Situated inconspicuously at Miller Motorsports Park, the museum harbors an extraordinary collection of racing legends.

Larry Miller took his interest in the work of Carroll Shelby and transformed it into a hobby, which eventually morphed into the assortment of four-wheel gems on display in his showroom. The exhibit is only part of Miller’s personal collection, but it’s enough to make any classic car enthusiast’s jaw drop.

From your first step into the museum, you’ll sense the power of each impressive racer. Every classic is proudly presented in immaculate condition. You’ll see various world-famous Shelby Cobras and Mustangs as well as Ford GT40s that were major players in the racing industry. All the cars together in the showroom weave a historic tale that can only be described as epic.

Larry Miller’s display is a nice illustration of Carroll Shelby’s place in racing history, and each vehicle, piece of art and collectible is another representation of the car designer’s vision. There truly is no better place to experience the awe-inspiring work of an American icon.
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