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Lobby with a Race Car
Multi-trophy-winning racing sensation John Potter -- owner of Magnus racing team as well as the Comfort Inn and Suites Tooele
-- sits down with us for an interview.

Interview with Racecar Driving Champion and Hotel Owner John Potter

    John PotterMr. Potter, could you briefly share with us some highlights of your career that led to the creation of Magnus Racing?

    I was lucky enough to have a few highlights as a driver before starting my own team, namely being able to compete at some of the most famous events in the U.S., such as The Rolex 24 at Daytona. I won my first GRAND-AM race just a couple months before I made the decision to start Magnus, but to be honest it was my desire to run my own team and drive in a program that I could call my own which led me to start Magnus. We’ve been lucky to have a lot more highlights since then including winning 2 of the biggest sports car races in the world: the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

    As a young man, what are some of the moments that led you to racing?

    A lot of racers will tell you that it was their childhood dream and passion, but it honestly wasn’t the case for me. I’ve always had a love of cars, but never your typical exotic racing car. It wasn’t really until I went to a racing school just for fun that I began to develop in interest, I had no idea how much went in to it!

  • What advice do you have to new and aspiring racers?
  • Play football.

    In all seriousness, my teammate Andy Lally always says two things that I agree with: drive everything you can and don’t get bitter. I couldn’t agree more. The only way to get faster and gain experience is to race anything you can: a go kart, an autocross, even a simulator, whatever you can get behind. Sponsorship and funding is a big part of racing today, so the smartest thing you could do is focus your education and time away from the track on ways to either attract sponsors or earn your own money.

    How about advice for seasoned racers?

    Stop asking me for a job.

    Who are some of your favorite female champion drivers?

    The beauty of racing is that the car doesn’t know who is behind the wheel, so to be honest we don’t really pay attention to male vs. female drivers, we’re all racers.

    The interviewer drives a 100% electric powered Nissan Leaf. How do you see the future of racing with 100% electric vehicles?

    Because racing is such a competitive environment, there are a number of technologies that have developed within racing… even going back as far as seat belts and car gauges! The current environment in racing is going a long way toward developing hybrid power and kinetic energy recovery, and electric power is beginning to find its place.

    The Comfort Inn and Suites in Tooele has an excellent management team and the hotel has been a great asset to the Miller Motorsports Park. What do you like best about being a hotel owner?

    The continental breakfast! In all seriousness, there is no one thing, but I’ve enjoyed the entire experience. Beginning with laying out the first plans to build, to being involved in all of the details in room setup, to working with the best management in the business, it’s been an incredible experience. I appreciate how everyone at the hotel has the same mentality as everyone at Magnus Racing: to be the best!

    What are the differences between racing a Porsche, Mustang GT and a Miata?

    The engine location and about 100 horsepower, and $200,000.