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1961 Shelby Cobra at The Miller Motorsports Park Museum

Get your Mental Motor Running at Miller Motorsports Park Museum in Tooele, Utah

Tooele, Utah is home to plenty of attractions, but one of the most impressive sights is the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Museum. Located at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele County, the museum holds a world-famous collection of classic race cars. What makes this exhibit unique is that the total vehicle count hovers near 20. Quality over quantity is evident from the moment you enter the showroom.

One Man’s Dream

Larry H. Miller was a car buff with a special passion for Ford GT40s and Shelby Cobras. He was particularly interested in Carroll Shelby, the designer of the Cobra, and he essentially created the museum as a tribute to all things related to the Shelby legend. Miller’s goal was to share with the public his enthusiasm for the Cobra and other world-renowned American race cars.

Larry Miller transformed his vision into a display that most car enthusiasts couldn’t conjure up in their dizziest daydreams. If your blood pumps faster just visualizing this collection, imagine seeing the real thing. In one afternoon, you’ll be able to view vintage race cars worth millions of dollars, and you can check out fascinating memorabilia and artwork associated with the Carroll Shelby phenomenon.

An Unforgettable Exhibit

No matter how many automobile museums you may have visited, this experience will be one for the books. You won’t see anything but the best at this museum, and each vehicle is as pristine as the next. The main focus of the collection includes the Shelby Cobras, Ford GT40s and Shelby Mustangs, but there are other specialty vehicles as well.

One major point of interest is the Ford GT40 No. P-104, which is the second oldest GT40 in existence. Other rarities include winning race cars such as the 1964 Cobra Daytona Coupe and 1966 MKII Ford GT40. You’ll also see the first production Shelby AC Cobra Roadster and the new Mustang FR500S. Even if these names don’t start your emotional engines, seeing these visually striking vehicles probably will.

Fun for All

Unlike many other auto museums, this one is perfect for fanatics as well as those just dipping their toes in the classic car pool. Each stunning showpiece has its own story, and the entire display is instantly intriguing. As soon as you step into the museum, you can almost hear the rumble and roar of the vintage racers, and you’ll certainly sense the history surrounding you.

If you find the overall ambiance of the museum appealing, you can hold a special event on the site. With one of the finest assortments of invaluable race cars as your backdrop, you can turn any occasion into an extraordinary memory. Whether you need a location for a wedding reception, lecture, business meeting or black-tie event, the museum offers a distinctive atmosphere.

The Miller Motorsports Park Museum stands out against others of its kind. It isn’t just a remarkable collection of legendary race cars, it’s a representation of history in the car making and racing industries. If you’re in the Tooele area, you won’t regret adding this exhibit to your schedule. The museum is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a $5 donation for charity is requested for admission.

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